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About the Event


Digital Marketing

Visitors, Exhibitors and the New Concept

The eCommerce & Digital Marketing Expo, has been changed this year by adding the Digital Marketing industry aspect to it. It is now a multi-level exhibition with many parallel events. Its purpose is to develop collaborations between companies that specialize in the provision of Internet services and promotion as well as businesses that either sell online (e-shops) or advertise on the Internet.

As an exhibition event, ECDM Expo provides exhibitors with the opportunity to get in touch with new prospective customers from all over Greece as well as internationally who are interested in finding and securing partners in order to improve their online presence. Also, by  participating at this expo, they are taking part in an event that gives substance to the industry itself. An industry,  which has shown tremendous momentum in recent years, serving the increased demand of the business community for Internet business.

In addition, ECDM Expo provides a unique opportunity for exhibitors to get in touch with potential partners from adjoining business areas in order to develop new partnerships in Greece and abroad.

At the same time, with their participation in this targeted event, the exhibitors better position their brand within the market as well as in the consciousness of thousands of visitors as main players in the industry.

Event Topics

Web Design

Digital Marketing

Digital Payments

Products Delivery

Exhibitors Categories

Digital Agencies

Digital Payment Services

Courier & Logistics Services

Additional Services

Design and Usability

Digital Marketing Agencies

Performance Marketing

E-mail Marketing



Web Analytics

Social Media


E-Shop software

Cloud & Hosting


Mobile Applications

Web Development and Software Solutions

Visitors' Main Categories

eCommerce Owners

eCommerce Executives


Marketing Managers

In a rapidly evolving industry, visitors are looking for partners and technologies to help them become more competitive and profitable, addressing the needs for constant renewal of their internet presence, making them more appealing and far more functional.

Whether it's businesses that have an online store or who provide business services (hotel, commercial, etc.), regular renewal of their online presence is always deemed to be and has in fact, proven beneficial. Thus, it is now a conscious choice to seek optimum presence and optimize technological processes to attract new customers.

ECDM Expo is the only business event in the country and the wider region, where business-visitors can have direct contact with partners, thus being able to directly compare services and choose the best solution which suits heir needs.

About Parallel Events

In addition to the exhibition, ECDM Expo has developed many parallel events, which work in tandem in adding substantial content to the event and thus giving the opportunity to visitors to develop a deeper knowledge of the business and have a deeper understanding of the industry.

The main Parallel events are:

» The main parallel two-day conference with high-profile speakers from abroad and Greece,

» The Keynote dinner with the presence of a distinguished honoured speaker for top executives in the industry,

» The Roundtable for getting to know and discussing issues that affect companies in the Digital Agencies industry.

In addition, seminars and workshops are organized in such a way so as to give to sthe public the opportunity to learn more about products and services and to deepen their knowledge in areas of interest in e-commerce and digital marketing.

About us

The team...

As a team we are constantly working on projects having as our main concern the provision of high level services to both exhibitors and visitors alike.

Our mission...

For our visitors to find services that will make their businesses far more competitive and profitable

Our vision...

To contribute to the development of the industry and the dissemination of new technologies in Greece

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